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Current Sunday Series

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 sermons series proverbs


A Manual for Living

The book of Proverbs has these great insights written by Solomon's that gives us a manual for living. It helps all of us to learn how to navigate life’s complex questions and decisions, and to live well. 

October 6th - The book of Proverbs - A Wise Heart

October 13th - Wise Plans

October 20th Wise Friends

October 27th  - Wise Words

November 3rd - Wise Stewards













Past Sunday Series

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sermons series mos 2018

A Month of Sundays

Five Unique Gatherings

Five unique gatherings that are designed to inspire, encourage, uplift and inform us over the month of July. Covering things such as range of guest speakers, CRC history and vision, and a special psalms Sunday; each gathering will be truly unique and different.

July 1st - The Rice Family - Mission Update

July 8th - Guest Speaker - Con Keros

July 15th Psalm Sunday - Spiritual Practices

July 22nd - EPIC - Gospel Presentation

July 29th - Who We Are - CRC Prsentation

sunday series adress mess

Address the Mess 

Everything worthwhile requires a step of faith.

One thing we all have in common, whether we’re religious or not, is that we’ve all made some messes along the way. Many Christian’s think life is all about avoiding messes and staying out of trouble.

But the truth is we’ve all said, “I sure messed that up,” “I really made a mess of that,” or perhaps, “My life is a mess.” Since we’ve all been in, are in, or are only one decision away from a mess, we thought we should talk about it.

It turns out that our messes and the messy people we meet along the way may actually be your greatest opportunity to know God, because following Jesus isn't about avoiding something; it's about becoming something. 

Join us for a new series with Andy Stanley as we . . . Address the Mess!

April 15th - The Mess in the Mirror

April 22nd - Best Mess Ever

April 29th - Inside Out

May 6th - Messy-er

sermons series step out

When We Step Out, God Steps In

Everything worthwhile requires a step of faith.

When toddlers are first learning to walk, they tumble and fall over and over again. If they just stayed crawling around on the floor, they would be much safer. They would be safer still if they just remained in their cots. But imagine how worried a young mother would be if her child did this. She would be seeking all kind of professional advice to see why her child was not trying to move around.

She wants her child to tumble and feel pain. She wants to wipe the tears from his little face and take him in her arms and hold him close. Because she also wants him to know how to walk and run and jump and grow and be a man or woman!

We don’t grow in our knowledge of God by sitting around doing nothing. It’s when we step out in faith that God steps in with power. These messages will encourage us and inspire us to step out in faith in a wonder-working God.

February 11th - God Loves Impossible Situations

February 18th - A Crisis can be a Miracle in Disguise

February 25th - Position Yourself for a Miracle

March 4th - When Trouble COmes, Praise the Lord

March 11th - When We're Going Over, We Can't Go Under

March 18th - When We Give What We Have, We Have What God Gives

sermons series artisan

The Artisan Soul

Crafting our lives into works of art

We are created in the image of God...which means we are all innately creative like Him. 

We are all artists with the ability to create beauty, and every action we take has the potential to be meaningful and inspiring. In the inspiring two-week series The Artisan Soul, Pastor Erwin McManus teaches us to see ourselves as artists, brimming with the creativity and energy to make an impact for Christ. 

October 15th - No Ordinary Child

October 22nd - Unsual Miracle

October 29th - Dream, Risk, Create

sermons series baggage


Letting Go - Travel Light

Do you ever feel trapped by the past? Things you have done or said? Are there things you are carrying around with you today?

Many of us never want to recognize or claim the baggage in our life. Most would rather carry it around, learning to live with unresolved expectations, unfulfilled dreams, and unrepented sin. We think we can handle it, until it continues to pile on.

Can you imagine travelling light and living free? Would you like to check that baggage for good? God is ready and willing to claim it, we just have to be willing to let go. Will we let God take that baggage and check it for good on a one way flight out of our lives?. Learn how we can pack up the hurt, pain, failures and fears, find release and break free from our baggage.

April 23rd - Guilt, Shame and Regret

April 30th - Hurt, Hate and Unforgiveness

May 7th  - Dealing with Addictions

sermons series treasure hunters

Treasure Hunters

Becoming like Christ 

Spiritual Formation is the process of spiritual shaping and growth. It deals with the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and the various methods He uses to bring about spiritual growth.

Spiritual Formation happens when we practice the Christian disciplines we’re all familiar with—things like personal and corporate Bible study, worship, prayer, discipleship, and service. 

October 16th - The Quest
Sermon | Powerpoint 

October 23rd - The Lamp of God
Sermon | Powerpoint 

October 30th  - The Penitnet Man will Pass
Sermon | Powerpoint 

November 6th The Leap of Faith
Sermon | Powerpoint 

sermons series lovesong

Just Walk Across the Room

Simple steps for pointing people to faith 

Believers everywhere all know that evangelism is a vital part of what God has called us to do, but very few make a practice of doing it. We all feel awkward and ill-equipped, either because we’ve never been trained, or because there is a lack of interaction with not-yet-Christians to develop and work on our skills. This series gives us all practical steps on how to point people to faith.

June 12th - The Single Greatest Gift
Sermon | Powerpoint 

June 19th - Living in 3D
Sermon | Powerpoint 

June 26th - The Power of Story
Sermon | Powerpoint 

July 3rd Grander Vision Living
Sermon | Powerpoint 

sermons series lovesong

Love Song

What's your favourite love song?

Whether it is passionate, explicit, or a classic, it dones't compare the the one Solomon wrote. The lyrics are very passionate and explicit, but describe God's plan for dating, romance, intimacy and dealling with confict. Join us as we listen to the greates love song ever written.

May 15th - I want to know what love is
Sermon | Powerpoint 

May 22nd - Crazy little thing called love
Sermon |  Powerpoint

May 29th - Can't get enough of your love babe!
Sermon | Powerpoint 

June 5th Love is a battlefield
Sermon | Powerpoint

sermons series fruit spirit

Fruit of the Spirit 

Keeping in Step with the Spirit.

We learn from scripture that these are not individual "fruits" from which we pick and choose. Rather, the fruit of the Spirit is one ninefold "fruit" that characterizes all who truly walk in the Holy Spirit. Collectively, these are the fruit that all Christians should be producing in their new lives with Jesus Christ.

April 3rd - Keeping in Step with the Spirit
Sermon | Powerpoint 

April 17th - Fruit of the Spirit - Love
Sermon | Powerpoint

April 24th - Fruit of the Spirit - Joy
Sermon | Powerpoint 

May 1st Fruit of the Spirit - Peace
Sermon | Powerpoint


sermons series beautiful outlaw

Beautiful Outlaw

Experiencing the incredible personality of Jesus.

Reading the gospels without knowingthe personality of Jesus is like watching television with the sound turned off. The result is a dry, two dimentional person doing strange, undecipherable things.

During this series we will discover the incredible personality of Jesus. Fully God and fully man, Jesus was creative, playful, extravagantly generous, humble and honest - there is so much we can learn from how he lived on this earth.

Feb 7th - More than Flannel Graph
Sermon | Powerpoint 

Feb 14th Playful yet Fierce Intention
Sermon | Powerpoint

Feb 21st - Extravangant Generousity
Sermon | Powerpoint 

March 6th Disruptive Honesty yet so Cunning
Sermon | Powerpoint

March 13th - Humilty and Trueness
Sermon | Powerpoint 

March 20th - Loving Jesus our Beautiful Outlaw
Sermon | Powerpoint 

sermons series red letters

Red Letters

The Teachings of Jesus.

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practiceis like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”

Jesus tells us that if we listen to his words and put them into practice we are wise and will have a strong and stable foundation for whatever we build. This summer we focus on the ‘red letters’ the words of Jesus that in many versions of the Bible are highlighted in red. His thoughts, sayings, and words that inspire, challenge, and hopefully change us, and make us more like him.

Jan 3rd - Red Letters
Sermon | Powerpoint 

Jan 10th Red Letters
Sermon | Powerpoint

Jan 17th - Red Letters
Sermon | Powerpoint 

Jan 24th Red Letters
Sermon | Powerpoint

Jan 31st - Red Letters
Sermon | Powerpoint 

sermons series wrp

Work, Rest, Play

Our whole life matters to God.
The world in which we live is a combat zone, a violent clash of kingdoms, a bitter battle unto the death. We were born into a world at war, and we will live in the battle zone all our lives.
Our battle is not against flesh and blood.

We are called to “Stand Firm”.
Put on the full armour of God so you can take your stand against the devils schemes.

Nov 22nd - Work
Sermon | Powerpoint 

Nov 29th Rest
Sermon | Powerpoint 

Dec 6th - Play
Sermon | Powerpoint 

sermons series stand


We are at war.
The world in which we live is a combat zone, a violent clash of kingdoms, a bitter battle unto the death. We were born into a world at war, and we will live in the battle zone all our lives.
Our battle is not against flesh and blood.

We are called to “Stand Firm”.
Put on the full armour of God so you can take your stand against the devils schemes.

Oct 18th - We Are At War
Sermon | Powerpoint 

Oct 25th Put on Full Armour of God
Sermon | Powerpoint 

Nov 1st - Put on Full Armour of God

Nov 8th Be Alert and Pray
Sermon| Powerpoint 

Nov 15th - Stand Firm
Sermon | Powerpoint 

sunday series love

Love Is...

All of us struggle to love like God. He sets a very high standard and then showed it by sending his only son to die for us. Learning to love like God is not easy, as we constantly come up again our own selfish desires, feelings and wants.

What do we believe and how do we survive in a society that is all about do whatever you want? What is love in that context and what does God say about how we live and how we love?

Sept 13th - Love is... learning to love myself
Sermon | Powerpoint 

Sept 20th - Love is... learning to love others
Sermon | Powerpoint 

panel sunday


You asked the questions we did our best to answer them.

August 9th  - The Panel - Discussion
Sermon Powerpoint

sunday series mayjune    


Prayers aren’t empty words hurled at the sky. They’re conversations – in fact, they’re the most important conversations of our lives.

Relationships are based on being together, relating, spending time and having conversations, and it is the same with God. We get to know Him by spending time, talking to Him, reading His letters and books to us, and taking the time to listen for His voice. What we say is sometimes not all that important, it is the heart, the reason, the attitude behind our prayers that often matters more.

So in this series we look at how we can approach God in prayer and grow a deeper relationship with Him. 

July 12th - Acknowledge - No Other Name
Sermon | Powerpoint

July 19th - Listen- Hearing the Voice of God
Sermon | Powerpoint

July 26th - Speak - Conversations with God
Sermon | Powerpoint

August 2nd - Live - Learning to Let Go
Sermon  | Powerpoint


















sunday series mayjune    


What happens to us when we give our hearts to the Lord? What actually happens when we are saved? In that moment we, by faith, ask him to come into our lives and be our Saviour. By an act of our will we make him Lord of our lives.

At that moment two things happen:

  • We receive something that Jesus has done for us
  • Jesus does something in us

This six week series looks at who we are in Christ and who Christ is in us. What he has done for us and in us that makes us able to live for him.


May 24th - I am a New Creation
Sermon | Powerpoint | Notices

May 31st - I am a Priest
Sermon | Powerpoint | Notices

June 7th - I am Royalty
Sermon | Powerpoint | Notices

June 14th - I am a Temple
Sermon | Powerpoint | Notices

June 21st - I am an Alien
Sermon | Powerpoint | Notices

June 28th - I am Free
Sermon | Powerpoint | Notices



sunday series april    

My Story

Everyone has a story. How do we live a story worth telling? How do we live a life that produces a story that we want to tell?

The decisions we make today will determine the story we tell tomorrow.

In the four-week series "My Story," we learn to live a story worth telling. We’re going to look each week at different Old Testament stories and see how these Old Testament people made decisions that changed the direction of their lives.

This series teaches us to start, stop, stay, and go as we listen to the Holy Spirit.

April 12th - I Decided to Start
Sermon | Powerpoint | Notices

April 19th - I Decided to Stop
Sermon | Powerpoint | Notices

April 26th - I Decided to Stay
Sermon | Powerpoint | Notices

May 3rd - I Decided to Go
Sermon | N/A | N/A


sermons series holy spirit




The Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit? What is His purpose on earth and in our lives?

This series gives a basic introduction to what the Bible teaches about the person and baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and how we can live a spirit filled life.


March 1st - Tongues of Fire
Sermon  | Powerpoint | Notices


March 8th - Pour out my Spirit
Sermon | Powerpoint | Notices

March 15th - Speaking in Tongues
Sermon (Not Available) | Powerpoint  | Notices

March 22nd - Gift of Speaking in Tongues
Sermon (Not Available) | Powerpoint | Notices

March 29th
- A Spirit Filled Life
Sermon (Not Available) | Powerpoint | Notices




















sermons series fhl    

Faith | Hope | Love

The values of our church are what guide us in who we are, what is important to us and what we do.

This series explains each of our church values: faith, hope and love in detail, what they mean and how they guide us in everything we do. This helps us set a platform for a new year, with new leadership and provides a base for us to begin to built on.


February 1st - Faith
Sermon | Powerpoint | Notices

February 8th - Hope
Sermon | Powerpoint | Notices

February 22nd - Love
Sermon | Powerpoint | Notices
















Summer Series

25/01/2015 - Aaron Harslett - Life in Reverse (efil)
Sermon  | Powerpoint | Notices

18/01/2015 - Ric Shultz - Love
| Powerpoint | Notices

11/01/2015 - Chris Walsingham - Creative
Sermon | Notices

New Years Message 

04/01/2015 - Chris Walsingham - Annointing
Sermon | Powerpoint | Notices


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