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At Seaview Community Church our mission is to: 
Impact our world with God's love personally, locally and globally.


Our mission statement is based on the words of Jesus when he gave us the great commandment: to love one another.


The word impact is defined as a marked effect or influence and also as having a strong effect on someone or something. Our mission at Seaview Community Church is that we affect and influence in three ways:


1. Personally - we impact our own private world including family and friends.

2. Locally - we impact our local community, the suburbs we live in and the city of Adelaide.

3. Globally - we impact beyond our city, country and into the whole world.


We want to be having a strong effect on people, our culture, our society, our country and the world. Being an example of, and sharing God's love, everywhere we go and in everything we do, and all on a daily basis.

God showed us how to love and it isn't easy at all. It is a challenge for us as individuals and as a church to love how God loves us.

Seaview Comunity Church 
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Gatherings: 10am - Sunday Mornings 
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